Why Pesco-vegetarianism?

I am a Pescetarian.

What does that even mean? Is that even a real word? You know fish is meat, 

Are common questions I get whenever I turn down chicken or decline bbq from my father's favorite rib joint.

To say the least, It's always odd explaining my "diet" to people. 

I don't eat land animals not because I totally care about the killing of animals (though I am not a fan of animal brutality and the process of which we get our meat is very gruesome;) I do have a nice leather coat that keeps me warm and understand that we need animals to a certain extent to survive. For me, it's just economical to not eat land animals and I feel a lot better when I don't.

My leather jacket will last me a lifetime. It's all about moderation and actual need. Why grow a bunch of corn to feed cows to only eat cows? Eat that corn! We are misusing the heck out of our land now a days.

But the sea? Pleeeeeeeeenty of fish in the sea. Eat up! (Shoot for non-farm raised seafood, of course.) Now I'm not saying that we don't misuse our oceans, because we do, but 70% of the earth is covered in water. Mother nature gave us way more fish than chicken, beef, pork and other land animals.

I am not a meat-eater basher, either.

I just feel like there should be balance. Remember dinosaurs and how some were more fit to eat meat and others weren't? That kind of balance.

Check out Chloe Spencer from Huffington Post's cool article on the issue; she backs me up :)

Peace, love and fish sticks

- Bre