Winter Faves

Dry skin sucks

And nothing about the winter time helps.

Here are a few of my favorite things to keep me all soft and smooth when the city is adorned with "CAUTION: Falling ice" signs.

beelove's Ultimate Body Balm 

photo 2.JPG

So not too many peeps will agree with the eucalyptus aroma wafting from this little tin of goodness, but for those stuffy nosed old souls like myself; love on this! It's all natural, local (Chicago!), and did I mention that the company harvests it's own honey?! This stuff is definitely worth the try. I believe I got mine from Whole foods but feel free to check out their website


Jao Brand's goē oil

photo 1.JPG

LOVE this stuff! I started using it daily from the tester at the salon I work at, Trim, and got so hooked that I decided to purchase a tube myself. Now this stuff is a little pricey, but for all the natural herbs, oils and butters it contains, worth the buy. You can even use it on your face and my hair agrees with it. You can purchase at any Trim location in Chicago or at their website

Sweet Tea Bee's sweet tea balm

photo 3.JPG

Last but most certainly not least, my all time favorite lip balm for every season and especially in the winter is our very own Sweet Tea Balm. This stuff is truly made out of love . It's all natural and organic ingredients leave lips absolutely soft and kissable. The honey and all natural sweetener makes it delicious, too. The natural oils bathe in organic green tea from a small tea farmer in china's seasonal harvest for at least a month making it antioxidant rich and naturally preserved. You could eat this stuff if you wanted too (lol)! Only a few have their hands on it, but you too can purchase your own right here on this site before the winter is up so keep checking! I can't wait for you to try it :)


Hope these all tickle your fancy, and soften your bums this winter


Peace and hair grease,


Sweet Tea Bre