I been drinking: Lemon water

Unlike Beyoncé, lemon water has been my drink of choice.


I used to be all about the water bottle filter.

But the Bobble, in my opinion, is poorly designed and once I found a filter I liked, my Brita, I broke it.


Then I got educated on alkalinity. A little lemon helps naturally filter AND give water a balanced alkalinity. And if you were once all acned up like myself, vitamin C is your bestie and lemon water has lots of it.

Besides, when the earth starts to crumble (already is) and we're ridded of all technology (something we shouldn't totally be dependent upon anyway), are you not gonna drink water without a filter? Or unless it's bottled? No way! So drink up! Filter or no filter.  For those grossed out about the germs on the lemon rind? Try scrubbing your lemon before you decide to dunk it in your H2O or just use the juice itself. See what else lifehack has to say about this awesome elixir.  


Peace and love,

Sweet Tea