Welcome All!


So this is my official first blog post with CONTENT! Isn't that exciting. I cant wait to share all of my experiences, advice, and life as a struggling health addict with you all!

My mom once told me taking pictures of strangers is rude and that I should stop. My name is Breanna and I have this weird but undoubtably common fetish for taking pictures of strangers; sometimes for a few laughs, but most of the time it's of people I admire for one reason or another. I decided to turn this taboo into a new way for me to make friends and added my stranger-picture-taking journey as a blog segment here at Sweet Tea Bees.

Meet Kayla (:

I saw her as I was walking on the blue line sitting just like this.

Of course she looked more natural for this is after I asked of her consent, but this is how I first saw Kayla. She looked strong and fierce and everything about her was beautiful to me. I wanted to capture her confidence. She had her leg up on the seat in front of her and she was listening to music. I liked her clogs, they reminded me of the ones my grandmother wears. She had a lunchbox meaning she's economical and probably broke like myself because I try to pack a lunch for my days too. I waited for her to look at me so that I could flash her a smile and she smiled back. That's when it hit me; I could ask her if she'd allow me to take a picture of her and say it's for my blog. Of course I didn't think of it as a blog entry and had no plans of starting this segment, but thought of it as the most less creepy way to spark conversation. Now I cannot tell a lie so I would, however, feature her on my blog anyway as a beautiful black lady I had met on the train whose stature I admired, then realizing that it would be a pretty dope and uplifting ongoing thing I would enjoy doing often and then sharing with you all. But let's get back to the lovely Kayla.

She's working on a series of dance videos, if I remember correctly, just like myself and she makes amazing coconut chocolate chip cookies. She offered me one during our brief conversation and let me tell you... The bomb.com.


I told her she should think about selling them, they were so good, and that another focus of my own brand was encouraging women to start their own business after realizing their purpose. Making cookies maybe isn't her purpose lol but I'd definitely buy them if they were for sale and she could make a few extra bucks doing something she loves. I see Miss Kayla and myself being friends in the near future and I look forward to seeing what her light's going to give to the world. I can't wait to meet more people this way and I'll try my hardest to not limit these people to only women, but Lawd knows I'm a lady lover (not as in lesbian, I just absolutely LOVE women; we too fresh ^_^). I also can't wait for you all to meet the lovely people I encounter on the daily basis; 69% of the time I meet them on CTA so the transit authority ain't all thaaaaat bad after all.

Blessings, peace and love,


Sweet Tea.