Bre Loves Tea and she wants you to love it, too! Take a look at her story, her mission, and what Sweet Tea Bees is all about. 


Hello Everyone!

I am Bre and thank you for taking the time out to visit my brand to learn more about tea and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Health is apart of every aspect of our life. We should strive for optimal well-being or else our image, our package inside and out, can't function to the best of it's ability. If you do not take a hold of your mind, body, and soul the elements of the world will.

Sweet Tea Bees is a lifestyle brand and blog that’s main purpose is to help women be comfortable with their self image through and most definitely not limited to, tea. Not image only in a sense meaning your outer physical appearance, but your inner image as well. Sweet Tea Bees is here to help Queens see that there is more to them that meets the eye; to help build character, strength, knowledge and confidence. Not because I’m perfect, but because I am affirming and growing into an image I love. I want nothing more than for my fellow Queen Bees to see that they deserve nothing less than that. My ultimate goal is to get every Black Woman in the world to know her worth and that is just the start. I don’t want my unconditional love my Black Queens to be mistaken as hate for women of other races and/or hate for men because I love ALL people, animals, organisms, and things; every inhabitant of this earth has love in my heart, but the most under appreciated and abused people of this world are Black Women.

 I want to share with other young ladies what I am realizing about the world, the importance of health, how it is ok to know you're beautiful and important that we uplift each other in realizing our loveliness inside and out. I want to ensure that the loves of my life, my little sister's, Baylee cakes and Edie pie, know their self worth and are always practicing self love despite what the world will tell them. For love drives everything positive and nothing bad comes from love. Tea is one of the loves of my life, it has helped me get through so much and it will do the same for you; just give it a chance :) .

Tea has a million benefits. I wish for all people, those who already enjoy tea and those new to adding it to their life, to see it as a start to healthier more confident life. 

My mission for Sweet Tea Bees is to educate believers on the importance of tea and a healthy lifestyle

in order to realize their purpose.

Through education, gifts of wellness, and tea, I hope to motivate and improve the lives of those who feel they don’t have the time, means, or resources to do so. 


Peace always,